Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who would of thought the Scots would be ahead of the times?

The force is with Scotland's schools intranet, says George Lucas by Melanie Reid


This is an absolutely fascinating article, about director George Lucas and a modest Scots initiative to improve e-communication within schools.

What Glow brings to Scottish education are collaborative social tools which people in education are unwilling to use because of the dangers. By putting it in the closed and safe environment of Glow, where the teacher monitors it, you can use them with confidence. It means you can bring in things you would have never dared to before - discussion, chats, web conferencing, input from outside.

Similar to the idea of texting/emailing the Teachers prior to class, this article shows just how beneficial online environments can be for enhancing discussion.

Educators and government officials from China to Singapore to Australia have been visiting LTS to see how Glow is going to be used to enhance learning and teaching in Scotland.

Let's hope that other big name movie directors and stars can assist with the quest towards “edutopia”!

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