Thursday, July 10, 2008

Possible Ideas for Presentation

After Damon's class where he had organised for a previous B&ALD student (John) to deliver his futures presentation, I left class driving down the monash with thousands of ideas going through my head of where I might take this project.

As my areas of interest stem towards, sport and technology - I'd like to research how these two could possibly impact on adult learning (in particular informal learning) in the future.

As Damon has suggested, I am intending to keep a wide lense - however, I believe I will focus my research initially on

- Mobile learning /(m-learning) and e-learning in particular how it can be used in regards to call centres and other casual office workers
- pod and can this assist with athlete/career education
- Sporting clubs, what is the future of player education - specifically tactical/social education that stems from young adults at sporting clubs?
- Social networks (facebook, myspace, etc?), what is the future? Can social education/awareness programs replace the advertising that is saturated on these websites?

When I eventually decide on my topic, I intend to reflect on my comments throughout the semester - imagination and foreward thinking isn't one of my stronger personality traits, however I hope I can improve this throughout this subject!

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