Sunday, February 28, 2010

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A Roadmap for Building an E-Learning Course The Rapid eLearning Blog

Hi All,

Apologise for the delay in posts - to cut this one short. Very busy at work and enjoying the new role, Uni is about to begin for the year so will without a doubt be reflecting on articles as a few assignments require Annotated Bibliographies.

Really suggest everyone reads the above blog posts, a fantastic - straight to the point read.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wordle - my experience

Morgan Bayda (@mbayda) inspired me to post my resume into Wordle to create a wordcloud outlining my current experience.

As I begin to dive into a e-learning career I can already identify areas of interest such as m-learning, Web 2.0 as well as crucial Business skills that I need to continue to develop and I can't wait to soak up as much information as I can, not only through my Postgraduate MEd (ICT in Education) but through twitter and in my new position as e-learning coordinator which I will be commencing on Feb 4.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 - Personal goals

This blog has largely remained untouched during 2009 as a took a bit of a break from my academic studies and focused on work, sport and supporting my girlfriend who was undertaking her first year of a Master of Sports Psychology degree.

Although I have been slack in posting on this blog, I have been active in seek alternative employment where I can combine my passion for e-learning and my studies in Master of Education (ICT in Education) at Monash University. This has led me to a new direction working for Origin Energy as their e-learning coordinator. I am extremely excited to begin this new journey and my aim is to document my journey - where possible! Additionally, I will be using this blog as an opportunity to build a e-portfolio - documenting and commenting on any items of interest as well as adding pieces of work I will be required to complete.

My interests lie within the Corporate adult learning field with a focus on "snackbite" learning options and Web 2.0 mobile devices. As such I keen to learn which direction I should take to transition this blog from a static site documenting my opinions and work, into one where Adult Educators can contribute and offer opportunites to collaborate on items of work at anytime, anywhere!

As a recent Twitter convert, I have been able to learn from and begin to follow many e-learning gurus from around the world - I look forward to hearing suggestions from these gurus, particularly Australian based as to the best way to put my ideas into action!!

My long term goal is for "NERDEL" to become a fellow guru and hopefully my words will one day be as wise as other lifelong educators with a passion for technology :)

Short term goals

- personalised banner/wallpaper
- create NERDEL avatar/favicon
- personalised twitter background
- obtain personalised domain/hosting

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


After two exhausting years working full time and studying full time I have decided to tackle a Masters, albeit part time and beginning in Semester 2, 2009.

I am extremely fascinated with the direction flexible learning is heading, particularly in a Corporate environment. It is for this reason that I may look to undertake a Diploma of Business through my workplace parallel with my tertiary studies.

I invite anyone reading this to leave comments and email me directly as I am interested in collaborating with like minded people!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Future

If you had of asked me 2 years ago whether I'd be capable of looking into the future, I would of laughed at you. Only now through this subject have I become capable of critically looking at what is in front of me and the impact that technology in particular has on society and myself as an individual.

I believe I am now capable of looking outside the square, and I'm excited about what is out there. This subject has brought me back to my original career in IT and in particular e-learning, I'm seriously contemplating enrolling in Masters of Education specialising in ICT and I am extremely keen on making a positive impact through the idea of lifelong learning on the digital natives of the world!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snack Learning for Professionals

Business school in all A380 classes - Fran Foo | September 16, 2008

I certainly do not hope that "Snack learning" becomes the new buzz word floating around, it sounds as though academic articles are going to be written on the back of Mars bars wrappers...

In what is an extension of what will soon be a common theme - e-learning/m-learning through technologies, Qantas have developed a system that will be integrated with the new fleet of A380s' in-flight entertainment platform.

Obviously there are some people out there - professionals who travel regularly would be interested in learning on the go. However i'd be interested to see how successful this program really is.

Bite sized e-learning is certainly something I'm interested in with the ever increasing use of blackberries/laptops and iphones - but I can't really see this taking off on an aeroplane. I would think that most people would be content with watching the latest movie, tv show, playing handheld games or sleeping when on a flight!

Not to mention the other issues of the employees not being able to switch off when travelling to other locations for work.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Phone a friend — welcome to the new face of exams

Phone a friend — welcome to the new face of exams

by Margaret Cook and Anna Patty

It's safe to say i'm fascinated by what impact technology is going to have on education, in particular it's use on young adults.

I firmly agree with Cook and Patty's view that the internet has expanded our resources and shifted power away from teachers, and some find this threatening. I for one am always interested in ways that educators are looking outside the square to conduct assessments.

They highlight that the nature of the world today is that people want information quickly, however they are quick to point out that the credibility of the information should be questioned and cited appropriately!

"What they will need to do is access information from all their sources quickly and they will need to check the reliability of their information."

Could this assessment be transferred into a work / TAFE environment where business information would often be on hand with a colleague or on the company intranet?