Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keyboard kids losing art of handwriting

Keyboard kids losing art of handwriting - by Gerard Noonan Social Issues Editor

I found this article particularly relevant moving forward, as a younger person who is no longer required to produce large amounts of writing by hand for work or for uni, I feel its particularly important that Educational Insititutions look for alternatives when it comes to exams.

Turning off Spelling, Grammar options as well as access to the internet shouldn't be something that is too hard to do for exams. Most schools have PCs and it makes sense that their should be restrictions on these PCs.

For exams that involve Essay writing or Multiple Choice PC's should become an option for those who prefer not to handwrite!

You would think having to mark thousands of exam papers would be easier if it was done electronically!

I'm not of the belief that writing is linked to thought for all people, personally I believe I have longer to think when typing than handwriting as it does not take me as long to put "pen to paper" so to speak, and thus it allows my output to match my thoughts!

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