Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snack Learning for Professionals

Business school in all A380 classes - Fran Foo | September 16, 2008

I certainly do not hope that "Snack learning" becomes the new buzz word floating around, it sounds as though academic articles are going to be written on the back of Mars bars wrappers...

In what is an extension of what will soon be a common theme - e-learning/m-learning through technologies, Qantas have developed a system that will be integrated with the new fleet of A380s' in-flight entertainment platform.

Obviously there are some people out there - professionals who travel regularly would be interested in learning on the go. However i'd be interested to see how successful this program really is.

Bite sized e-learning is certainly something I'm interested in with the ever increasing use of blackberries/laptops and iphones - but I can't really see this taking off on an aeroplane. I would think that most people would be content with watching the latest movie, tv show, playing handheld games or sleeping when on a flight!

Not to mention the other issues of the employees not being able to switch off when travelling to other locations for work.

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