Monday, August 25, 2008

Phone a friend — welcome to the new face of exams

Phone a friend — welcome to the new face of exams

by Margaret Cook and Anna Patty

It's safe to say i'm fascinated by what impact technology is going to have on education, in particular it's use on young adults.

I firmly agree with Cook and Patty's view that the internet has expanded our resources and shifted power away from teachers, and some find this threatening. I for one am always interested in ways that educators are looking outside the square to conduct assessments.

They highlight that the nature of the world today is that people want information quickly, however they are quick to point out that the credibility of the information should be questioned and cited appropriately!

"What they will need to do is access information from all their sources quickly and they will need to check the reliability of their information."

Could this assessment be transferred into a work / TAFE environment where business information would often be on hand with a colleague or on the company intranet?

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