Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 - Personal goals

This blog has largely remained untouched during 2009 as a took a bit of a break from my academic studies and focused on work, sport and supporting my girlfriend who was undertaking her first year of a Master of Sports Psychology degree.

Although I have been slack in posting on this blog, I have been active in seek alternative employment where I can combine my passion for e-learning and my studies in Master of Education (ICT in Education) at Monash University. This has led me to a new direction working for Origin Energy as their e-learning coordinator. I am extremely excited to begin this new journey and my aim is to document my journey - where possible! Additionally, I will be using this blog as an opportunity to build a e-portfolio - documenting and commenting on any items of interest as well as adding pieces of work I will be required to complete.

My interests lie within the Corporate adult learning field with a focus on "snackbite" learning options and Web 2.0 mobile devices. As such I keen to learn which direction I should take to transition this blog from a static site documenting my opinions and work, into one where Adult Educators can contribute and offer opportunites to collaborate on items of work at anytime, anywhere!

As a recent Twitter convert, I have been able to learn from and begin to follow many e-learning gurus from around the world - I look forward to hearing suggestions from these gurus, particularly Australian based as to the best way to put my ideas into action!!

My long term goal is for "NERDEL" to become a fellow guru and hopefully my words will one day be as wise as other lifelong educators with a passion for technology :)

Short term goals

- personalised banner/wallpaper
- create NERDEL avatar/favicon
- personalised twitter background
- obtain personalised domain/hosting

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